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Most of my Doom 2 levels feature an upside down room. It's sort of my calling card. To my knowledge, the upside down room was a completely original idea, the first being my ROCKME.WAD. If I am mistaken, please let me know.

Doom 2 levels I've created:

"Rock Me" (Updated ) size: 75,464 bytes Download

My first Serious wad. A rather large file with a central arena. This is multipurpose wad that can be played single, multiplayer, or deathmatch.

"Granite Me" (Updated ) size: 43,568 bytes Download

This is a multipurpose wad.

"Stone Me" (Updated ) size: 38,449 bytes Download

This is pure deathmatch! This is the last of the "ME" series.


"Grocery Store" (Updated ) size: 42,163 bytes Download

How about a deathmatch in a grocery store with nothing but a shotgun and your nerves? Well, here ya go! Not the greatest graphics, but you'll realize where you fraggin' are.


"Rock my World" (Updated ) size: 29,148 bytes Download

A multipurpose wad mainly made for deathmatch, but can be enjoyed in multiplayer or single mode. Features include lighting effects and several secrets. My latest (and I think greatest) creation to date. Let me know what you think.


If you have a WAD you think is cool let me know.


Unfortunately, all of the Doom 2 links that were listed here where removed because they are now broken.  If you know of any good links, please let me know and I will add them....

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