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Han Solo's Millennium Falcon Screen Shot
by Edward Davis & Aaron Gwin
Download - 35 KB
A Dukematch level based on the Millennium Falcon. A must for any die hard Star Wars fan. The screen shot shows the cockpit with 2 Star Destroyers closing in.
Aquapark Screen Shot
by Jason F. Mclauchlin
Download - 152 KB
A very nice single player or Dukematch level, though it's a little big for 2 player DM. Very creative design based an a LA water slide park. If features a ferry which was a nice touch.
CU-Later Screen Shot
by Rob Whitney
Download - 26 KB
Very interesting single player or Dukematch level with lots of High and low trenches for down and dirty DM's. Single player mode is rather weak, so probably best to stick to DM.
Fairlane Screen Shot
by Bill McGuire
Download - 213 KB
This Dukematch level is a replica of a 1987 Ford Fairlane sedan. You can Dukematch inside the car and out. This one gets a serious thumbs up for originality!
8-ball Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 4 KB
I don't know who to give credit to for this Dukematch level because this zip file did not have an author info file with it. It is a decent level based on a billiard table. Again, high marks on the originality scale.
Shuttle Escape Screen Shot
by Brian Wolfe
Download - 74 KB
You're on a Star Destroyer. You must get to the shuttle to escape. Need I say more. (Look for the Millennium Falcon in one of the secret areas). Great single player level
Park Screen Shot
by Tyler Day?
Download - 132 KB
This single player level includes a central park and it's surrounding buildings. There are 4 trucks that circle the MAP. Pretty good level. This level also features a 3 story aquarium that you must enter to finish the level.
Park DM Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 26 KB
This Dukematch level is based on the Park level above. (or vice versa, who knows. Neither level has an author file.) It is different enough to be interesting but not necessary for your collection of MAPs. (NOTE: I renamed this Map & zip to avoid conflicts.)
Bridges Screen Shot
by Gene Kirby
Download - 5 KB
This Dukematch level requires some skill to play. It is DM only and it is extremely to fall off to your doom. Pun intended :) If you think your good, try this one.
Nuke City Screen Shot
by Alan Bellows
Download - 212 KB
Interesting Dukematch level that takes place in a small city. Lots of elevators. Interesting. Comes with a couple of patches (including a "1 man Dukematch).
Mega Plaza Shopping Center Screen Shot
by Adras Piroska
Download - 353 KB
Very nicely done single player and Dukematch level. Good size and fun to play single and worth adding to your collection.
Surreal Screen Shot
by David Whitman
Download - 50 KB
A level that can be played single player or Dukematch. Interesting effects, but too many tight places for my Dukematch tastes. Pretty good single player level though.
Nixlos1 Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 185 KB
To be honest, I don't remember this level. :)
Mt. Duke Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 31 KB
Take on a mountain installation in single player, or play Dukematch. A decent SP level but I never had a chance to DM in this one yet. Let me know if you do...
Danzig06 Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 19 KB
A small Dukematch level with a circular feel. Can get crowded if you get too many people at the same time.
Battle Field Screen Shot
by Wakkoblues
Download - 13 KB
A large DukeMatch level. I never tried this one either, but looking around in 1P mode it looks like it would be cool for a larger group of DM'ers.
Assault Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 9 KB
A pretty original Dukematch level. The tank is cool. Not much else to say as this is a pretty straight forward level.
Ge-007 Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 52 KB
This single player or Dukematch level uses lots of gimmics (ie. conveyer belts, freezer, kitchen, etc.) Nothing too out of the ordinary to make this level stand out.
Money Train Screen Shot
<Author Unknown>
Download - 240 KB
This level is big! Uses subway cars well. Lots of enemies for those of you who love carnage.


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