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 For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously 11/15/1999 General PG-13
 Seat Hog 11/15/1999 General PG-13
 Kids books that never made it: 11/15/1999 General NC-17
 Life Equations 11/15/1999 General NC-17
 Merv and His Accident 11/15/1999 General NC-17
 I'm Fine 08/14/2003 General PG-13
 Secret Marriage List 12/15/1999 General PG-13
 Arizona Ranchers 12/15/1999 General PG-13
 Quality Of Life 12/15/1999 General PG-13
 Three Wishes Wasted 12/15/1999 General PG-13
 Diary Of A Snow Shoveler 12/15/1999 General PG-13
 Big Man in a Small Town 01/17/2000 General PG-13
 You Can't Kill a Ghost But... 11/15/1999 General NC-17
 Playing Fireman 12/22/1999 General NC-17
 Gorillas 01/17/2000 General NC-17
 Got Balls? 01/17/2000 General NC-17
 The Texas Salesman 01/17/2000 General NC-17
 Bubba Died 02/07/2000 General NC-17
 Little Johnny 02/07/2000 General NC-17
 Pastor and the Pub 02/07/2000 General NC-17
 It Was Just a Bug 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Punishment 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Never Wear Tight Clothes 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Royalty! 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Scavenger Hunt 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Where the Hell Am I? 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Just Gotta Cut Loose 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Canadian Revenge 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 My Dog, Sex 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 One Day in the Confessional 10/30/2000 General NC-17
 Medical Terminology 11/01/2000 General NC-17
 Bicycle Violation 11/01/2000 General NC-17
 Hair Cut 11/01/2000 General NC-17
 The Hunting Plan 11/01/2000 General NC-17
 Fun Things To Do In A Dept. Store 01/17/2000 General PG-13
 Two Morons 01/17/2000 General PG-13
 The Definition of Intelligence 01/17/2000 General PG-13
 The Engineer and the Frog 01/17/2000 General PG-13
 Ma and the Nursing Home 01/17/2000 General PG-13
 The Airplane 01/25/2000 General PG-13
 The Priest 01/25/2000 General PG-13
 If Your Family Tree Doesnt Fork 01/25/2000 General PG-13
 Stumpy and Martha 01/25/2000 General PG-13
 The Bridge 10/30/2000 General PG-13
 Dying For Cookies 10/30/2000 General PG-13
 Female Hormones in Beer? 10/30/2000 General PG-13
 Things To Ponder In Year 2000 10/30/2000 General PG-13
 What would you do? 10/30/2000 General PG-13
 Kissing Currency 10/31/2000 General PG-13
 Falwell's New Crusade 10/31/2000 General PG-13
 Wal-Mart Entertainment 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 Sky Tale 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 The Accident 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 Amish Bull 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 Misdirected Email 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 First-Time House Builder 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 The Crash 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 Words of Wisdom 01/18/2001 General PG-13
 Quotes by Women 05/12/2002 General PG-13
 Two Irish Nuns 01/20/2004 General PG-13
 Cold Winter 05/12/2002 General PG-13
 Senior Moments 05/12/2002 General PG-13
 You Live In... 01/21/2004 General PG-13
 State Quarters Recall 01/26/2004 General PG-13
 Can Cold Water Clean Dishes? 06/19/2004 General G
 It's Always Bigger In America 06/27/2004 General G
 Sound Investments 10/07/2004 General G
 Little Johnny's At It Again 06/12/2005 General G
 The Heart 06/12/2005 General G
 The Assasin 06/13/2005 General NC-17
 You Know You Are Living in the Year 2002 When... 10/07/2005 General G
 Arizona Veterinarian 10/07/2005 General NC-17
 Bubba's New Truck 10/13/2005 General PG-13
 The Donkey 01/28/2006 General G
 Actual answers given by contestants in the game show Family Feud 11/15/1999 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Dumb Machine! 11/15/1999 Funny Stuff PG-13
 McDonald's Fast Food Job Application: 12/22/1999 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Ladies Night Club 12/22/1999 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Useful Metric Conversions 12/22/1999 Funny Stuff PG-13
 NEWS FLASH ... 01/07/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 The Ultimate P.C. 01/07/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 ACTUAL NEWS ITEMS 01/07/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 What a Company 01/07/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 You Can Insure Anything... 01/07/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 For Attempted Murder 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Weird Laws 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Words of Wisdom from Bathroom Walls 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Embarrassing Moments 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Lip Prints 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Quotes... 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Best Newspaper Headlines of 1999 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Always Trust a Cop 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Not Exactly Smileys, Butt... 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff NC-17
 Mutant Marsupials 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Gage Example for Unit of Measure 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Don't Get Mad!, Get... 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Relativity 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Love Me Like A Rock 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Key to Your Heart 10/31/2000 Funny Stuff PG-13
 The Thermodynamics Of Hell 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiots In Service 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiots At Work 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiots In The Neighborhood 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiots In Food Service 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiot Sighting #1 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiot Sighting #2 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiot Sighting #3 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiot Sighting #4 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Idiot Sighting #5 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 The 1999 Darwins Awards 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Presidential Curse 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 I thought he looked familiar... 01/18/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 What Kind of Bank Was It? 11/01/2000 Funny Stuff NC-17
 Tech Support #3 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 It is true?? 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Facts and Quotes 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Quickies 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Actual Documentations Found in Patient Records 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 USS Lincoln 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Interesting Absence Excuses 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Bill of No Rights 02/01/2001 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Sign Sightings 01/26/2004 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Good Luck, Mr Gorsky 02/07/2004 Funny Stuff PG-13
 They REALLY said that? 02/07/2004 Funny Stuff PG-13
 50 Useless Facts 06/18/2004 Funny Stuff G
 Airport Security 06/30/2004 Funny Stuff G
 Monologue #1 06/30/2004 Funny Stuff Unrated
 Monologue #2 06/30/2004 Funny Stuff G
 Signs of the Times 07/03/2004 Funny Stuff G
 Actually Taken From Classified Ads In Newspapers 10/07/2004 Funny Stuff G
 Open Mouth Insert Foot 06/12/2005 Funny Stuff PG-13
 The Facts of Life (Quotes) 09/20/2005 Funny Stuff NC-17
 Top 5 Smart Ass Answers For 2005 09/20/2005 Funny Stuff NC-17
 For all Lexiophiles 10/05/2005 Funny Stuff G
 Embarrassing First Date 10/05/2005 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Best Headlines Of 2004 11/25/2005 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Performance Evaluations 12/08/2005 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Hospital Chart Bloopers 03/05/2006 Funny Stuff PG-13
 What Not To Do At A Job Interview 03/05/2006 Funny Stuff PG-13
 Chinese Torture 11/15/1999 Adult R Rated
 Don't Lie To Your Mom 11/15/1999 Adult R Rated
 He Laid Her On The Table.......... 11/15/1999 Adult R Rated
 The Third Wish 11/15/1999 Adult R Rated
 Sisters of Mercy 11/15/1999 Adult R Rated
 Penguin Sundae 11/15/1999 Adult R Rated
 Potentially Vs. Realistically 11/15/1999 Adult R Rated
 Smart-Ass Excuse 12/22/1999 Adult R Rated
 Gone To Vegas 12/22/1999 Adult R Rated
 Bored Crimefighter 12/22/1999 Adult R Rated
 Halloween 12/22/1999 Adult R Rated
 One Day at the Pearly Gates 12/22/1999 Adult R Rated
 First Proctology Exam 12/22/1999 Adult R Rated
 The Farmer 12/22/1999 Adult R Rated
 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 01/17/2000 Adult R Rated
 Lifesavers 01/17/2000 Adult R Rated
 The Infant-Sized Penis 01/17/2000 Adult R Rated
 Caught 01/17/2000 Adult R Rated
 Not What I Was Thinking 01/17/2000 Adult R Rated
 Wait Until They're Asleep... 01/17/2000 Adult R Rated
 Nuns and Holy Water 02/01/2000 Adult R Rated
 The Voodoo Dick 02/01/2000 Adult R Rated
 The Key to Heaven 02/01/2000 Adult R Rated
 The Penis Study 02/01/2000 Adult R Rated
 An Honest Mistake 12/22/1999 Adult NC-17
 Nudist Colony 01/17/2000 Adult NC-17
 3 Wishes 01/17/2000 Adult NC-17
 Some Adult Jokes 02/07/2000 Adult NC-17
 Three Hillbillies 02/07/2000 Adult NC-17
 The Speeder 02/07/2000 Adult NC-17
 Penis Tattoos 02/07/2000 Adult NC-17
 What Did He Say? 02/07/2004 Adult R Rated
 The Phone Call 06/11/2005 Adult NC-17
 The Poker Player 06/13/2005 Adult R Rated
 Onions and Christmas Trees 10/06/2005 Adult NC-17
 Why, Why, Why? 03/05/2006 Adult PG-13
 The Headache that won't go away 11/15/1999 Doctor NC-17
 Spaghetti 11/01/2000 Doctor NC-17
 Toilet Predicament 01/25/2000 Doctor PG-13
 A Child's Perspective 10/30/2000 Doctor PG-13
 The Prescription 07/10/2004 Doctor G
 Two Liners 02/01/2001 One Liners PG-13
 Some One Liners 01/25/2000 One Liners PG-13
 More One Liners 01/25/2001 One Liners PG-13
 More Two Liners 10/31/2000 One Liners PG-13
 Only In America 01/18/2001 One Liners PG-13
 Geography Lesson 01/18/2001 One Liners PG-13
 Seinfeldisms 05/12/2002 One Liners PG-13
 Oneliners & Proverbs 05/12/2002 One Liners PG-13
 Funny Bumper Stickers 05/12/2002 One Liners PG-13
 Corny Jokes 01/26/2004 One Liners PG-13
 Sarcastic Sayings 06/10/2004 One Liners PG-13
 Ponder These 07/08/2004 One Liners G
 Even More One Liners 07/08/2004 One Liners G
 You Know You're from California If... 10/06/2005 One Liners PG-13
 Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? 11/15/1999 Animal PG-13
 How to Clean the Cat 01/17/2000 Animal PG-13
 Tim and His Goldfish 11/15/1999 Animal NC-17
 Smart Dogs 12/22/1999 Animal NC-17
 Bad Dog! 01/17/2000 Animal NC-17
 The Bear and the Rabbit 11/01/2000 Animal NC-17
 Dog Gone Mine 01/17/2000 Animal PG-13
 You Know You're a Dog Person When... 01/18/2001 Animal PG-13
 Dog Pet Peeves About Humans 05/12/2002 Animal PG-13
 Things I MUST Remember As A Dog 05/12/2002 Animal PG-13
 The Dachshund and the Leopard 06/15/2004 Animal G
 The Rude Parrot 06/25/2004 Animal G
 Strange Knock Knock 06/30/2004 Animal G
 Seeing Eye Dog 06/23/2005 Animal NC-17
 Old Rooster Story 11/25/2005 Animal NC-17
 Y2K Memo 11/15/1999 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Computer Virus Alert 11/15/1999 Computers and Technology NC-17
 Wife 1.0 Upgrade 12/22/1999 Computers and Technology NC-17
 Girlfriend 1.0 Tech Help 10/30/2000 Computers and Technology NC-17
 Appalachian Translation 10/30/2000 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Husband 1.0 10/31/2000 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Apple Vs. Microsoft 10/31/2000 Computers and Technology PG-13
 The Hot Air Balloon 01/18/2001 Computers and Technology PG-13
 The Dilbert Theorem 01/18/2001 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Microsoft vs. GM 01/18/2001 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Manual Virus 05/12/2002 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Technically Correct 05/12/2002 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Are Computers Male or Female? 05/12/2002 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Computer Gender 06/18/2004 Computers and Technology PG-13
 Governmental Definitions of Health Terms 11/15/1999 Political PG-13
 Politically Correct Holiday 01/17/2000 Political NC-17
 Polictically Correct Insults 01/25/2000 Political PG-13
 Food for Thought 01/25/2000 Political PG-13
 In-Flight Chat 10/31/2000 Political PG-13
 Presidential Debates 2000 10/31/2000 Political PG-13
 Thank God for the President 01/18/2001 Political PG-13
 Who Won the Civil War? 01/18/2001 Political PG-13
 The President's Wife 01/18/2001 Political PG-13
 English in Five Years: According to The EC 02/07/2004 Political PG-13
 Bill Clinton Out Jogging 06/11/2005 Political G
 Government Job 06/23/2005 Political R Rated
 Rules That Guys Wished Women Knew 10/31/2000 Relationships PG-13
 A Woman's Nest Egg 01/17/2000 Relationships NC-17
 Men Jokes 02/07/2000 Relationships NC-17
 Male Decision Process 02/07/2000 Relationships NC-17
 Sex after 50 02/07/2000 Relationships NC-17
 The Rules of Bedroom Golf 10/30/2000 Relationships NC-17
 Do it or leave 11/01/2000 Relationships NC-17
 Lines That Might Get a Guy Slapped 11/01/2000 Relationships NC-17
 Whose the Game? 01/17/2000 Relationships PG-13
 Wait a minute.... 01/25/2000 Relationships PG-13
 Pet Names 10/30/2000 Relationships PG-13
 The Old Couple 10/30/2000 Relationships PG-13
 Thinking Ahead 10/31/2000 Relationships PG-13
 What She Really Means 01/18/2001 Relationships PG-13
 Chivalry 01/18/2001 Relationships PG-13
 Female Comebacks 01/18/2001 Relationships PG-13
 The Message 01/18/2001 Relationships PG-13
 From the Missing Persons File 01/18/2001 Relationships PG-13
 A Real Friend 05/12/2002 Relationships PG-13
 The Newlyweds 01/21/2004 Relationships PG-13
 TV Healing 01/21/2004 Relationships PG-13
 Crisco! 01/21/2004 Relationships PG-13
 Matrimonial Manners for Men 101 01/26/2004 Relationships PG-13
 The Price of Love 07/06/2004 Relationships PG-13
 Self-Induced Hangover 06/11/2005 Relationships NC-17
 The Husband Shopping Center 09/20/2005 Relationships G
 What would you do if you won the lottery? 09/20/2005 Relationships PG-13
 Words Women Use 10/07/2005 Relationships NC-17
 Non-Living Things Have A Gender 10/07/2005 Relationships NC-17
 Pancakes 10/07/2005 Relationships NC-17
 The Witness 11/06/2005 Relationships NC-17
 Why Men Are Not Secretaries 12/08/2005 Relationships NC-17
 Is This It? 01/17/2000 Religious G
 Heavenly Father 01/25/2000 Religious G
 Heaven's Gates 10/30/2000 Religious G
 Sick in Church 10/30/2000 Religious G
 God's Sense of Humor 10/31/2000 Religious G
 Conversation with God 10/31/2000 Religious G
 How To Scare A Burglar 01/18/2001 Religious G
 The Monk's Story 01/18/2001 Religious G
 The Atheist 01/18/2001 Religious G
 And It Was So 01/18/2001 Religious G
 Vow of Silence 10/15/2003 Religious G
 Jesus, Satan and the Computer 05/12/2002 Religious G
 Fishing Preachers 06/30/2004 Religious G
 The River Crossing 10/02/2004 Religious PG-13
 Why God Created Children 06/12/2005 Religious G
 The Christian and the Atheist 02/15/2006 Religious G
 Don't mess with kids 03/10/2006 Religious G
 Someone is Raising Their Child Right 03/10/2006 Religious G
 It Would Serve Him Right 02/07/2000 Sports NC-17
 The Packer Fan 01/17/2000 Sports PG-13
 Dilbert's Rules of Order 11/15/1999 Workplace NC-17
 Things You'd Love To Say At Work, But Can't..... 11/15/1999 Workplace NC-17
 Sayings On Office Inspirational Posters 11/15/1999 Workplace NC-17
 Corporate Lessons 10/30/2000 Workplace NC-17
 Jack or Jill? 10/30/2000 Workplace NC-17
 Outlandish Expectations 01/18/2001 Workplace PG-13
 Generation X Office Lingo 01/18/2001 Workplace PG-13
 Idiots At Work #2 02/07/2004 Workplace PG-13
 The Spoon 07/25/2004 Workplace NC-17
 New Element Discovered 10/09/2004 Workplace G
 Tough Mice 02/01/2000 Bar Room R Rated
 Are You a Real Cowboy? 01/17/2000 Bar Room NC-17
 Bear in a Bar in Billings, Montana 10/30/2000 Bar Room NC-17
 Fearless Cowboy 10/31/2000 Bar Room PG-13
 The Reunion 03/27/2006 Bar Room PG-13
 Jigsaw Puzzle 11/15/1999 Blonde NC-17
 The Swim Competition 11/01/2000 Blonde NC-17
 Blond Mail Call 01/17/2000 Blonde PG-13
 God and the Blonde 01/17/2000 Blonde PG-13
 Ten Blondes and a Brunette 01/25/2000 Blonde PG-13
 The Blond from Natchitoches 10/30/2000 Blonde PG-13
 Keeping Track 10/31/2000 Blonde PG-13
 Blond Logic 10/31/2000 Blonde PG-13
 International Blonde Convention 05/12/2002 Blonde PG-13
 Ladies Bar 02/20/2004 Blonde PG-13
 A Pair of Alligator Shoes 10/07/2005 Blonde G
 A Blonde's Year In Review 03/05/2006 Blonde PG-13
 The Paint Job 03/10/2006 Blonde G
 You Might Be Home Schooled If... 11/15/1999 Education PG-13
 Black Balls 11/01/2000 Education NC-17
 Animals in the City 10/30/2000 Education NC-17
 College Exam 01/18/2001 Education PG-13
 Rools for Righters 03/05/2006 Education G
 You Couldn't Ruin A Game Like That! 11/15/1999 Golf PG-13
 Found After 10 Years 01/01/2001 Golf NC-17
 Perfect Shot 01/01/2001 Golf PG-13
 Make The Putt 01/01/2001 Golf NC-17
 Silent Golfer 01/01/2001 Golf PG-13
 Tiger's Ex 01/01/2001 Golf R Rated
 Foul Language 01/01/2001 Golf PG-13
 Young and Old 01/01/2001 Golf PG-13
 Caddy Day 01/01/2001 Golf NC-17
 Language Barrier 11/15/1999 Golf NC-17
 Golf Accident 02/07/2000 Golf NC-17
 My Three Sons 10/30/2000 Golf NC-17
 The Worst Golf Foursome 10/30/2000 Golf NC-17
 Forgive Me Father 01/25/2000 Golf NC-17
 Typical Engineer 10/31/2000 Golf PG-13
 Lucky Frog 01/18/2001 Golf PG-13
 American Golfer in Ireland 07/15/2004 Golf PG-13
 Easter Catastrophe! 11/15/1999 Holiday PG-13
 Southern Christmas 11/15/1999 Holiday PG-13
 Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged 12/15/1999 Holiday PG-13
 New Contract for Santa 01/17/2000 Holiday PG-13
 Holiday Diet 01/18/2001 Holiday PG-13
 Letters To Santa 05/12/2002 Holiday PG-13
 Fishing 01/21/2004 Ladies PG-13
 Kids Say the Darndest Things... 11/15/1999 Parents with Children PG-13
 Things I've Learned From My Children: 11/15/1999 Parents with Children NC-17
 Swearing 02/07/2000 Parents with Children NC-17
 Kids! 01/17/2000 Parents with Children PG-13
 Things Moms Would Never Say 10/30/2000 Parents with Children PG-13
 Science is Child's Play 10/31/2000 Parents with Children PG-13
 Hamster Trama 01/21/2004 Parents with Children NC-17
 The Top 13 Changes Under a Government Run by Pro Wrestlers: 11/15/1999 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 Top Bumper Stickers Seen Around The World 12/22/1999 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 Top 15 Things to Say If You Are Caught Sleeping At Your Desk 11/15/1999 Top Ten Lists NC-17
 Letterman's Top 10: McDonald's excuses for the condom in the Big Mac 11/15/1999 Top Ten Lists NC-17
 The ABSOLUTE WORST Things To Say To a Police Officer: 11/15/1999 Top Ten Lists NC-17
 Top 10 Worst Summer Camps 12/22/1999 Top Ten Lists NC-17
 Dave Letterman' Top 10 Signs Your Spouse is Having a Computer Affair 12/22/1999 Top Ten Lists NC-17
 Ten Things that Piss Me Off 02/07/2000 Top Ten Lists NC-17
 Top 15 Thinnest Books 02/07/2000 Top Ten Lists NC-17
 Top 10 Old Folks' Party Games 01/17/2000 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 25 Reasons Why Alcohol Should Be Served At Work. 01/25/2000 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 The Best Reasons Ever For Not Exercising 01/25/2000 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 25 signs you live in the year 2000! 01/18/2001 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 Reasons why the English language is so hard to learn 05/12/2002 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 Top Ten Things To Say About A Christmas Gift You Don't Like 02/07/2004 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 25 Phrases Of Wisdom 02/07/2004 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 Top Ten Things That Sound Dirty, But In Golf, Aren't 01/30/2006 Top Ten Lists PG-13
 A Man, His Wife And The Cop 11/15/1999 Law Enforcement NC-17
 Getting the Most Out of the FBI 10/30/2000 Law Enforcement PG-13
 Juggling Magician 01/21/2004 Law Enforcement PG-13
 Some Beer Quotes 11/15/1999 Drinking NC-17
 Never Drink Jet Fuel 11/15/1999 Drinking NC-17
 New Beer Warnings 01/25/2000 Drinking PG-13
 Catching a Drunk 10/30/2000 Drinking PG-13
 Alabama Roadblock 10/31/2000 Drinking PG-13
 The Jar 05/12/2002 Drinking PG-13
 Night out with the girls 10/02/2004 Drinking PG-13

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