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Idiots At Work #2

When I remarked that this Friday is the longest day of the year, our receptionist looked puzzled and asked, "You mean it's longer than 24 hours?"

During our recent quarterly division conference call, our division CIO made the following statement: "We do a great job of servicing our customers from the front end, but we must all remember to continue servicing our clients through the back end."

The other morning, two people walked by me on their way to the elevator. One said to the other, "So, where do all these elevators go? Are there other floors?" I laughed so hard milk flew out of my cube neighbor's nose.

One of my Dad's retired friends spends nine months a year in Wisconsin and goes to Florida for the winter. One year, while he was in Florida, he got a call from the police. His neighbor in Wisconsin, who had a key, had entered his home to check that everything was okay with the house. The house was a shambles and he called the police to report a burglary. The police officer reported: "The house appears to have been ransacked." My Dad's friend immediately bought a plane ticket and flew 1000 miles home to discover that the house looked exactly the way it always looks.

I saw this statement about a company's services: "You've taken your first step into a bold new realm that will transform your imagination into a vision."

I work in a bank. An Individual tried to return the stamps she had purchased because they "did not work." The stamps were self-stick, and she was licking the shiny paper that you're supposed to peel off.

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