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Make The Putt

A young fella walks into the clubhouse looking for a game.

The golf-pro said, "There's a young lady about to play the first tee, why not join up with her."

The young fella asks this beautiful young lady if he could join her.

She replied, "Of course."

They were having a great time together. When they walked on the 18th green the young lady had a 20 foot putt for a birdie and the young fella had a 25 foot putt for a birdie.

As the young fella was about to putt; he looked up at the young lady and said, "You know I've had a great time today. And you know, if I make this 25 foot putt for my birdie I'll take you out to the finest restaurant in town and then we'll go dancing." He putts his 25-footer and 'plunk', right in the cup for his bird.

The young lady walks up to her 20 foot birdie putt, stops and says to the young fella, "You know if I make this 20 foot putt for bird; after we dine and dance, we'll go to my place and make love all night long."

As she goes to putt; the young fella calls out, "Hold it! That's a 'gimme'. Pick it up!"

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