03/26/2004 - MSN tabs don't work with newest version of MSN Messenger

The MSN tabs available from my site no longer work with the newest version of MSN Messenger. This has nothing to do with the file, but rather Microsoft changed MSN Messenger so it no longer uses the config file. Apparently Microsoft did not like the idea of people hiding the tabs they did not want to see. :) If I find a work around, I will post it here...

02/28/2004 - Site Move Is Complete

The site is up and running on the new server. After a few hiccups, everything appears to be up and running. Let me know if you find any issues.

02/24/2004 - Site Move

I am moving to a new site, so may not be available for a short time over the next week or two.

02/01/2004 - Gaming updated

Updated the Gaming site. Added some minor improvements.

12/12/2003 - Site is up 100%

The site should be completely back to normal now.

12/11/2003 - Site Is Back To Normal

The server that hosts my site had experienced a hard drive failure. I was running on a backup server, and subsequently some of the subdomains and databases were available. I apologize for any inconvenience. The site is now back up. I will be working throughout the day to restore all the subdomains.

10/15/2003 - New Joke's Area

I [finally] ported the collection of jokes from my old Geocities web site. They can be found here.

09/24/2003 - Site Issue

There was an issue with the site's database today, so I apologize if counters and the forums were unavailable. Everything is back to normal now.

09/13/2003 - Site Moved to new servers

The web site was moved to a new server this week, however I was experiencing a few hiccup's with the SQL database for a day or two. I apologize if you received errors browsing the site over the last few days. Everything should be back to normal now.

09/08/2003 - Site Update

I added images to the server detail screen on the UT2003 servers list for all the default maps (I will add them for the bonus pack maps when I get the images). <outdated link removed>

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