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Action Quake

From the web site:

“We wanted to try and make a Quake2 MOD where strategy, accuracy, and just damn cool looking fights dominate. We tried it, and it's the most fun we've ever had in a DM game, we think you'll feel the same way when you try it.

The idea is that each bullet counts for a lot, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pump them full of as many bullets as you can spare; they'll get a chance to shoot back before they die if you don't finish them off. Cover actually means something, it's better to make sure there's a pillar or a desk near by to duck behind, especially if you have to reload or bandage yourself.

Once in a while it's nice to get away from the rocket launcher/bfg fights, and see what it's like to fly up from behind the bar with a shotgun, or to drop behind your enemy through a skylight, executing them with one bullet. Plus, you look damn smooth while you're doing it!”

<Unfortunatelly, I do not have a current download link.>


Quake II Capture The Flag (Q2CTF) is a multiplayer addon for Quake2 that features a simple set of rules for team based play. It features five unique maps and special powerups to enhance and make the gameplay more exciting.

Q2CTF requires the full retail version of Quake II installed in order to play. Once installed, you simple need to connect to a Quake2 game server that is running the Q2CTF addon.

<Unfortunatelly, I do not have a current download link.>

LaserMine CTF

LaserMine CTF is an exciting and easy to use CTF modification. This is a server-side mod so no client download is needed to play. Hand grenades are replaced by laser trip mines. To use one, throw a hand grenade at any surface. The grenade will stick to the first surface it comes in contact with, and will begin to emit a laser perpendicular to that surface. The laser itself acts only as a tripwire and does no damage. The laser is the same color as the team you are on. Your own teammates can also trip your mines, but do not take any damage. After 60 seconds, mines power down and explode. Defense can actually be fun now! We have taken care to place grenade packs on maps so as to not overwhelm maps with lasermines or cause it to be impossible to get into a base.

The second main addition to gameplay is the MicroNuke. To use the MicroNuke you need a key bound to "micronuke" and the ammo for it (200 power cells and 20 uranium slugs). If you use the micronuke command when you do not have all the ammo you need, you will be told how much and what type of ammo you are lacking. After you drop a MicroNuke, you have 10 seconds to get out of range. The MicroNuke kills anything within a blast radius of 750 units and a line of sight radius of 2000 units. A range indicator has been added to the HUD (Heads-Up Display) as well as a danger icon which only appears when you are within the 750 unit blast radius. One of the main uses of the MicroNuke is not to kill people, but to get people out of their base when they get dug in like an Alabama tick. All lasermines within 750 units of the nuke are detonated.

Lasermine also has a Midnight mode. Real CTFers do it in the dark. :-) Bind a key to flare to use a flare. Flares can only be fired once every second. A flare will burn for 30 seconds. New in version 1.8 is a flashlight. Bind a key to flashlight to turn it on and off. Unlike flares, the flashlight can be used even when midnightctf is off.

<Unfortunatelly, I do not have a current download link.>

L-Fire CTF

L-Fire CTF is a server-side mod that adds many significant features to Id's official Quake2 CTF. The L-Fire CTF charter is to not change the fundamental game or balance of Id's CTF. Instead, this mod adds many much needed improvements to the game. L-Fire CTF includes such features as match support, rocket arena overtime, sudden death overtime, anti-spam, highscore lists for each level, team balancing, IP banning, custom map loops, permissions for admin users, profanity filtering, and various logging options.

<Unfortunatelly, I do not have a current download link.>

OSP Tourney DM

OSP Tourney DM is a server-side only mod designed to facilitate match play for tournaments, whether LAN-based or online. It also has an enhanced regular DM mode for warmups and informal play. Rather than having specific mods used for various aspects of tournament play (i.e. Battle/GX for team play, Duel for 1v1, and even id DM for FFA qualifiers), the tourney mod was designed specifically to handle these modes of play with all of their unique requirements in a single mod.

<Unfortunatelly, I do not have a current download link.>

Rocket Arena

The concept of Rocket Arena is simple. Put two players in an arena. Give them full weapons and ammo. Take away powerups. Take away weapon pickups. Take away ammo and armor pickups. Take away everything except the enemy. Then fight .... and see who's left standing. Loser goes, winner stays, everyone else watches in line and waits for their chance.

<Unfortunatelly, I do not have a current download link.>

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