Strategy For Multiplayer UT2003

by Derek HoMeRS}i{MpSoN Altamirano

The following strategies are written from a general standpoint, and most suggestions will apply to any standard multiplayer game.   The same basic principles apply regardless of which Mod or Game Type you are playing.


Practice makes perfect, and this is all the more true in UT2003.  Don't expect to do well when you first start out, since a lot of people have been playing this game for a long time.  The best way to improve is by playing people better than you.  

Always Move

NEVER stand still. Keep moving. Standing and looking around is one sure fire way to get popped. I can only think of three valid reasons for standing (or crouching) in one place:

  1. You're a newbie and don't know any better :-)
  2. You're typing a message. (hopefully your not out in the open)
  3. You're a camper (Trust me, no one like campers except for other campers!)

Don't Stand in The Open

Never stand out in the open to type a message.  Find somewhere out of the way to stop before you "talk".  Or better yet, bind some common used phrases to keys

Stick and Move

Never run in a straight line. Shift left and right using your strafe keys, or even better, use the dodge moves (tap strafe left twice to dodge left, tap strafe right twice to dodge right). If you just run in a straight line it makes you an easy target for the Shock Rifle, Lightning Gun (the UT2003 equivalent of the sniper rifle), or even a rocket. Some people will also jump a lot, but remember: Jumping makes noise.  Of course if you are already in a firefight, jumping makes you harder to hit.

Always Look Around You

Make sure you aren't concentrating on what is ahead of you. Always "check your six". Don't run up to a corner and turn, "strafe" (sidestep) yourself around the turn.


Listen for the telltale sounds of a level. The sounds of people leaving water, picking up items, etc. If you hear someone pickup 4 health vials in a row, it should be easy to locate them, providing you know where that row of vials lie. The Keg 'o Health makes an especially distinctive sound.

Hoard the Health

Now I'm not telling you to campout by the Keg 'o Health. That is just not cool. But you should grab every bit of health and armor you can (unless you are trying to be stealthy -- remember, every item you pick up makes noise) Even if you have 98% health, pick up the +25 health box. Not only will it top you off, but it will keep an opponent from getting it. :-p

Where's the Ammo?

Everywhere. And grab as much of it as you can. There is nothing worse that getting into a large firefight and running out of ammunition.

Remap the Weapons Keys

Remap your weapons keys to surround your movement keys. This will allow you to change weapons quickly and without moving your hands from the movement keys. This brings me to the next point....

Customize Your Controls

I use the following setup: A for left, D for right, S for forward, X for Back. My weapons keys are set to Q, W, E, R, F, G, & C. Space is Jump, and ALT is duck. This setup allows me to move and choose any weapon without moving my hand. I also use my mouse buttons for weapon selection. If you have a 3-button mouse, use all your buttons! If you have a scrolling mouse, you can also map the SCROLLUP & SCROLLDOWN functions to UT2003 commands. Even better, if you have a 5 button mouse and the Microsoft Intellimouse driver, you can map the side buttons to keyboard keys and use them as well.

Master the Moves

Learn how to Shield Jump and Special Moves.  For other Mods or mutator, such as CTF, learn how to use mod specific weapons and gadgets.

Double Jump
Jump, then jump again at the top of the first jump
Double tap Strafe Left or Right
Dodge Jump
Perform dodge, then jump before you land
Wall Jump
Run along a wall and jump into it. Press jump and opposite strafe when you hit the wall. (If the wall is to the right, jump+strafe left and vice versa)
Lift Jump
When very close to the top of a lift, jump and you receive a great deal more momentum, propelling you alot further.
Shield Jump
Charge up the primary fire mode of the shield gun, look towards the floor and release. After the kickback, jump again to pull off the shield jump.
Use the shield gun's alt fire to bounce energy weapons or to block normal weapons.  You can also use it to break your fall if you are using alt fire mode and  pointing the shield gun downward when you hit the ground.


Adrenaline is obtained by picking up the capsules, which boost your level by 3, or by killing opponents, which boosts it by 2. To perform these adrenaline moves you need 100 adrenaline.  You know you've hit 100 when you  hear the announcer's voice say “Adrenaline!”   The move will last until the adrenaline runs out.

Berserk - Increased Damage Inflicted on Opponents
Fwd, Fwd, Back, Back
Invisibility - Makes you Invisible (duh!)
Left, Left, Right, Right
Booster - Restores health
Back, Back, Back, Back
Fwd, Fwd, Fwd, Fwd
Camouflage - Throws out a hologram around you, but your feet will stick out the bottom unless you duck  (Epic Bonus Pack, must be enabled by separate mutator)
Right, Right, Right, Right
Pint-Sized - Makes you half-sized, but you can't duck  (Epic Bonus Pack, must be enabled by separate mutator)
Left, Left, Left, Left

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