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Foul Language

A layman and a vicar were playing golf one day, and the layman was not having a good game. 'Oh, darn, I have missed!' he said at the first green, missing an easy putt. 'Oh darn, I have missed again!' he said at the second green as he missed another easy putt. And so it went on - every time he played a bad shot, he would say, Oh, darn, I have missed!

The vicar put up with this for half the round, but then felt he owed it to the dignity of his calling to remonstrate with the layman. 'You really must not keep using such dreadful language, my dear sir, he said, 'or the Lord may well strike you down!'

And just as the words were out of his mouth there came a jagged flash of lightning - and in a split second the vicar was burnt to a crisp! Above the rolling thunder-clouds a deep voice was heard to say, 'Oh, darn, I have missed!'

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